RSAC Committee

The Referendum Student Advisory Committee (RSAC) decides how the HESSR funds should be allocated. Members work closely with Ethnic & Gender Centers, voting for budget plan proposals that will best serve UCR’s growing student body.

The RSAC is made up of 16 members: eight undergraduate students* (with voting privileges), eight staff members from each Ethnic & Gender Centers (without voting privileges), and one non-voting staff member to provide administrative support.

RSAC meetings are open to the public. Join us to learn more about the HESSR fund and what it can do for you and your fellow Highlanders.

Interested in becoming a RASC member? Contact the Ethnic & Gender Center you wish to represent, as each selects its own RSAC representative.

*The 2023-2024 undergraduate students are:  

  • African Student Programs (ASP): Lauryn Dingle
  • Asian Pacific Student Programs (APSP): Chayenne S Ofo-Ob
  • Chicano Student Programs (CSP): Jasmine Adriana Arcos
  • LGBT Resource Center (LGBTRC): Leslie Padilla Zepeda
  • Middle Eastern Student Center (MESC): Dania T Alkam
  • Native American Student Programs (NASP): Cuauhtli Ramos
  • Undocumented Students Program (USP) Marifer Camba Gonzalez
  • Women’s Resource Center (WRC): Nancy Aguilera